A bit about me!

Hi, my name is Bean and I am a fully qualified swimming teacher. I have 4 children of my own and we all love time in the water together. I passionately believe that swimming is a key life skill and something that every child should learn. As well as teaching younger children with Little Bobbers, I also teach and coach children of all ages. Whilst the first months and years in the water with your Little Bobber are all about focusing on those early skills, it is really useful to have that experience at the other end of the spectrum. Little Bobbers is “my baby” and it is a privilege to introduce children to the joys of swimming from as early as 8 weeks old right up until they start school. I always treat your child as an individual – what might be right for one won’t work for all. The most important thing is that your child becomes happy and confident in the water and that you are both having a great time. The time will come when it is appropriate for the parent to leave the pool, leaving your child to bob off independently – but you will do this knowing that it is your partnership with your child in the water that has led them to this point. And that is a great day.